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ESS/Ambulance is a comprehensive computer database system that supports and manages the official activities of ambulance corps. The system is comprised of several modules that address a variety of corps activities. Specifically, the modules include:

Human Resources

The Human Resources Module maintains all personal information regarding each member including:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone numbers
  • Email address
  • Marital status
  • DOB
  • Activation date
  • Termination date

Sub-systems maintain all equipment that has been distributed to each member, as well as Certification Profiles of all state licenses including:

  • Type of certification ( EMT , drivers license, etc.)
  • Certification date
  • Certificate number

Drop down menus provide easy data entry; and selection by various criteria provide quick and flexible access to all records.

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Ambulance Runs

This module collects vital and required information for each official emergency call. It provides a quick entry design utilizing drop-down menus for most entries and historical data for previous patients. Fingertip retrieval of information and flexible reporting provide needed data without delay. For each call, information is collected on all critical information including:

  • Vehicle
  • Location
  • Crew
  • Road condition
  • Odometer Readings
  • Time of each significant event
For each patient, all pertinent information is tracked including:
  • Name
  • Address
  • PCR #
  • Problem
  • Disposition
  • Hospital
  • Treatment rendered

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Personnel Scheduling System

This system greatly enhances the task of creating and maintaining the scheduling of all personnel. Presented in calendar form, personnel can be assigned to specific start and end times. Shifts can be identified as day or night, primary or backup; and an unlimited number of personnel can be assigned to each shift. An Intelligent Entry System automatically creates repeating fields to facilitate quicker calendar recording. For example, an entry for a Monday morning can be automatically repeated for all Mondays of a defined period; or a previous month's schedule can be automatically used as the initial schedule for this month and then tailored for differences. This personnel scheduling automation addresses inherent problems of a manual system — calendar changes and the problem of accuracy. Now, the frequent occurrence of calendar editing is done easily, clearly, in a standard format, and most importantly — with accuracy. To provide a broad means of communication, the schedule may be published on your web site.

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Continuing Medical Education (CME)

The tracking of continuing medical education received by members is essential. Our CME Tracking System satisfies this need. This system tracks all courses that each member has taken to maintain their various certifications. It is both an aid to the members as well as to your organization. Reports can easily be created to maintain accurate records for retention of member certification. These same reports are also useful for members desiring to monitor and plan their continuing education as they seek to retain existing certifications and/or to attain new certifications.

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Equipment Inventory

All squad equipment can be monitored and managed within this module. Information such as location, serial number, date acquired, and cost can be easily maintained. Reports can be created using various selection criteria to easily provide specific required information.

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Vehicle Administration

This module maintains and manages information about each vehicle, including VIN, date acquired, cost, certificates and service dates. Reports and maintenance logs can be easily created.

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Donor Management

Information about donors and contributions is maintained in this module. Contributions may be applied to memorial funds, and WORD letters may be stored for mailing purposes.

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Retirement Credits Monitoring System (LOSAP)

In a volunteer organization such as the Ambulance Corps, compensation comes in many forms, one of which is retirement credits. The local community rewards the dedication of these volunteers with retirement credits, which provide them with monthly retirement funds at the appropriate age. Our system will monitor these credits in a form that is conducive to easy entry, retrieval and reporting. The available reports provide members with a concise record of service credits.

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File Maintenance

The File Maintenance System is a comprehensive management system that facilitates the entry and maintenance of hundreds of static data fields that, in total, represent the data-rich backbone of the drop-down menu system. Presented in a very easy-to-use screen format, it is designed to accept entries for:

  • Members
  • Dispatch information
  • Medic actions
  • Patient disposition
  • Presenting problems
  • Road conditions
  • Treatments given
  • Vehicle numbers
  • Villages and towns

Access to each area is clear and the information flow is intuitive.

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